Creative Mind, Marketing Enthusiast, Results Driven
My parents used to call me a "bull in a china shop" because I would always be on the move, giving a 100% in everything I did, and shaking up the norm. 
I used to take offense to this nickname, but I have learned to love the bull inside of me. I am unapologetically myself and extremely passionate. It has brought me success on the lacrosse field, at Oracle, and in my relationships.  When strategic change is needed I am not scared to  break past structures and rebuild from the ground up.
I am a recent graduate from the College of William and Mary, Mason School of Business with a Major in Marketing and with a Concentration in Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship.  I played four years of NCAA Division I lacrosse, along with being the Marketing Editor for the on-campus fashion magazine ROCKET for two years. I am now furthering my education at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland getting my Masters in Global Marketing. 
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