Goldbelly: Final Project Advertising and Digital Marketing Course
Company: Goldbelly was founded by Joe Ariel in San Francisco and is a food delivery platform on a mission to “provide the most craveable and nostalgic food from both iconic restaurants and mom and pop shops to consumers across the fifty states'' (Ariel, 2017). Goldbelly is a platform that takes no inventory, unlike most food delivery services, and streamlines the delivery process between the restaurant and the consumer.
Proposal: Goldbely sets itself apart from competitors by providing the ability to send luxury cooked meals from all over the globe to any customer in the U.S. Our marketing efforts with Goldbelly will provide a differentiated customer experience that goes beyond the average delivery service. We will create a unique and personalized experience for each customer while satisfying their meal order needs. We will be renovating the aesthetic appeal of the Goldbely website and app, we are targeting a wealthy consumer base who is willing to pay the price of expensive gourmet meals.
Paid Media: We will be using paid advertisements on facebook, instagram and a google ad campaign to spread awareness of our new rebrand.
Earned Media: The next step to our rebrand is our #showusyourbelly instagram and facebook promotional campaign. We hope that this will generate earned media from our followers to get involved with the campaign and recreate our advertisement in their own way.
Owned Media: We wanted to create a more a eye-catching and desirable website and blog for our high profile, high quality customers. 
The Team:
 Stephanie Dolan, Melissa Eklund, Jack Fitzpatrick, Nikky Price & Madeline Simons

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