Oracle Analyst Relations Digital Team: Portal creation from research to development to promotion.​​​​​​​
Project Goal: To further our asset amplification and scale strategy, the MyOracle AR Portal helps us reach our internal target audience by informing teams who AR is and what we do, providing access to analyst content, sharing helpful information, and marketing our assets to this audience.
Project Description:  The AR team did not have a comprehensive, digitized system to help our internal constituents easily get reports, information, and access knowledge about the AR team. That is why we created the MyOracle AR Portal. 
While creating our portal, we used a design-thinking model. We meticulously went through the empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test phases to create a user-friendly portal. Although this process was long, we were able to make a portal that was grounded in research and most importantly, based on the needs of our internal Oracle employees. We spent weeks interviewing and surveying different departments in Oracle to come up with our problem statement and our top personas. Three themes emerged during our interview phase, and we build our portal around those themes: education(organizational lack of knowledge regrading AR’s services provided), disconnects (not enough access, lack of an organized space), and value (not marketing AR’s business impact effectively). We used our problem statement and general themes to drill down on the tactical asks that our constituents wished to be automated, helping us to understand the most time-consuming and frustrating tasks that we could solve. We also were able to make a list of our top internal partners so we could understand who would use our resources the most and why. All of this research helped us create ideas for our portal that were geared to satisfying our internal employees’ needs.  We then continued to ideate, edit, and prototype what our portal would look like. In our final steps, we tested our product with a Tiger Team to get outside feedback, after which we launched the portal. We continue to ideate based on feedback and new ideas, as we are currently on Version 4. 
Our portal is a sleek, easy-to-use internal tool for the Oracle community to make their jobs easier. We have many different types of assets available, from AR 101 videos and webinars, to how to properly cite a report, to COVID-19 resources. We have created a portal that is 100% designed for the user’s success and benefit.
* Because this was an internal portal I can not provide any of the links of assets associated.
Rebecca Campbell, Kaitlyn Nguyen & Charissa Saputra 

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